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To Do List

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Theory Wiki                                      100

Conceptual Paper                             200

Theory Matrix                                   150

Final Exam                                         100

Attendance                                          50

Total                                                    600



Theory Wiki: There are a multitude of communication theories, more than any course can cover in a quarter well.  I want you to find three theories not discussed in class and post them to our Ag Comm theory wiki. Your entry shall include the following: Theory Name, Main authors, Brief Description, Link to an example study, how it can relate to an agricultural communication problem/issue. You will also present your theory briefly in class.



Conceptual Paper: Choose a current agricultural or natural resources issue that you find interesting. Look at the communication dilemmas surrounding that issue and select a theory that can inform how to work with the public, solve the problem, etc. Please give a thorough description of the theory from the literature, describe the issue being addressed and indicate how the selected theory(s) can be related.  This should be double-spaced 10-15 pages in APA style.



Theory Matrix: Through out the course we will explore many theories through readings, the wiki, and discussions. I want you to make a theory matrix that contains the theory, the main players, the detail of the theory, and its strengths and weaknesses. This is a very private thing so you can set it up however you envision it to be. I will check these every week to see your progress. We may share in class as well.



Final: Will be given as a take home the last week of classes. You will be required to apply the theories you have learned in several contexts. More details will be given later in the semester.


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